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Young Foodies exists to make it easier to be a small brand in food & drink.

YF Connect is our membership platform - connecting brands with eachother, and with other brilliant support networks across the industry. But it only works if members put into it what they get out of it - this is why this application process is important.

Have a look at our criteria and make sure you're happy with them before proceeding.

You are based in the UK

You work in an FMCG brand that has launched in the last 10 years

Your brand is already on the shelves

You believe in collaboration over competition

You’re willing to give as much as you take

You intend to get stuck in!

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What is your ambition for you and your brand? *

How do you see yourself giving back to the community? *

What would your perfect blog post cover to help you with your work right now? *

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By this, we mean document templates or spreadsheet templates etc
And finally, if you could ask a question to the rest of the community right now, what would it be? *

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What's your go-to hot drink order?

What type of coffee, tea, hot choc...?
What's your go-to cold drink order?

What's your go-to alcoholic drink order? (if you drink!)

That's all the questions we have! To finish your application, please pop some samples of your product (one of each flavour is fine!) in the post to us. If someone in your brand has already done this, don't worry about it. Our address is: Young Foodies, Block E, 5-23 Morelands, EC1V 9HL.
You will hear from us over the coming weeks to confirm the status of your application.

Thanks! :)

The Young Foodies Team.

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